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Frequent questions

Who is this aimed towards?

Participants in this educational programme are all students, both residents and affiliates, that wish to become a part of this programme, assuming the condition of a student. Those professors from the collegiate academic staff, both residents and otherwise, who see this as an ideal model for university life, and encourage and promote it through their interaction with students, also benefit from this programme. Many citizens may take part in the cultural, social, and intellectual life that is generated around the university residences.


Because it is the way to experience the university years to the fullest. Students from all disciplines living together, the forum for intellectual exchange, and the opportunity to develop personal initiatives create the ideal space for student progress.

What does it contribute?

The genuine trademark of this university institution around which all cultural life at the university residence revolves is student initiative. The organisation of debates on cinema, musical concerts, conferences, theatre, sport activities, celebrations, etc., is the fully responsibility of students. The Colegio Mayor is a university institution in which students and professors live together: it is precisely this cultural coexistence which forms the foundation and means of this educational experience.

What is the goal?

The training of university students capable of being committed to societal betterment, putting everything learned during the university experience at its service.

Recommended time?

The training process is gradual: starting with the first academic year, students learn to acquire responsibility and develop habits, to forge their personality, their critical and constructive vision. This journey culminates when the student becomes a part of the Collegiate Council, typically during the last two university years, when they then become responsible for governing the training process.