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Donation Conditions

The following Conditions for carrying out donations – collaborations (hereinafter CDON – Donation Conditions), together with the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy conditions under the domain  (hereinafter the web site), contain the information prior to the donation – collaboration which is to meant to be offered on the Web Site, and other rights and obligations that may be derived from the relationship between the Colegio Mayor Olabidea, with registered address at Calle Universidad s/n Campus Universitario (Universidad de Navarra) 31007 Pamplona (Navarra), holding CIF G31494990, with Internet domain: and Email address, provider of these CDON; and the Users that wish to make a donation – collaboration (hereinafter the donors) that said company offers through its Web Site.

Transactions carried out through this Web Site shall be understood as having been carried out with the company entitled Colegio Mayor Olabidea and which has carried out the donor’s valid donation – collaboration being, for all purposes, the information on the company name, address, and CIF which correspond to the company which owns this Web Site.

The fact that the  Colegio Mayor Olabidea does not resort to any of these Conditions at any time may not be interpreted as, nor shall it equate, the waiving of ability to resort to these rights in the future or in the past.

Colegio Mayor Olabidea reserves the right to change these CDON, announcing the changes carried out thereto on the Web Site for these purposes.

1. Scope

These CDON govern the donation – collaboration process through the web site owned by Colegio Mayor Olabidea, which donors wish to voluntarily make, who have previously filled out the corresponding form with the information necessary to carry out the relationship between Colegio Mayor Olabidea and the donors, and which have provided their consent and full acceptance, without reserve, of each and every one of the CDON published by Colegio Mayor Olabidea every time that the User accesses the referenced Web Site in order to make a donation – collaboration.

The donor must read the CDON fully every time the donor wishes to make a donation – collaboration to Colegio Mayor Olabidea through this web site.

The CDON shall be applicable to all donations wished to be made through the Web Site, governing those which are in effect at the time in which each donation – collaboration is carried out.

2. Ability to donate – collaborate

Donations made to Colegio Mayor Olabidea that are carried out through the Web Site will be solely and exclusively directed towards natural persons who are of legal age, or legal concepts which have the legal capacity to be able to make a donation according to that established in the legal regulations in effect in the Spanish territory.

3. Donor registration and concept

A donor is understood to be a user which accesses the Web Site, who provides the required information requested, and makes a donation – collaboration following the corresponding instructions on the Web Site, and who has previously provided their consent and full acceptance of these CDON, with the conditions for Web Site use and navigation in the Legal Notice link, providing donation – collaboration confirmation by clicking on the “DONATE” or “MAKE A DONATION” BUTTON. Colegio Mayor Olabidea reserves the right to cancel the donation – collaboration if the Colegio Mayor Olabidea considered the information provided by the donor to be false or inaccurate.

4. Acceptance of the conditions established

The User has access to the Web Site terms of use (Legal Notice), as well as the terms of use and acceptance of these CDON at all times.

By the simple act of navigating the Web Site and / or making any donation – collaboration, the donor accepts the navigation instructions without reserve and, especially, each and every one of the Web Site’s General Conditions for use and navigation (link to the LEGAL NOTICE), these CDON, as well as the specific Conditions that, where appropriate, regulate the act of making a donation. If the user is not in agreement, it must exit by closing the Web Site browser.

If the donor commits an error when entering order information, this must be communicated to Colegio Mayor Olabidea by telephone at +34 948 177 606 or by Email to, which appear as contact information on the web site.

Under their own responsibility, the donor declares that it is of legal age, has fully read these CDON and other Conditions specific to the donations offered by Colegio Mayor Olabidea; as well as the instructions and indications that, for browsing or navigation through said Web Site, are incorporated into each of the screens that compose it, which the donor fully accepts.

5. Making a donation – collaboration

Donations – collaborations can be made through the URL by indicating all information that appears and is necessary to complete the process thereof. Likewise, they can also be made through bank transfer to the following accounts:

Banco Popular – ES84 0075 4610 1006 0164 1661

6. Recording a donation – collaboration

The donor is the sole party responsible for the information provided which appears on the donation – collaboration order. Colegio Mayor Olabidea shall not be responsible for the impossibility of making donations in case of an error in any of the information provided on said order, or in the Name and Surname of the donor, NIF/NIE, Email, payment method, etc. In all cases, and especially in reference to this last case, the donor continues to be responsible for the donation – collaboration and personal data.

From the moment of this confirmation, the donation – collaboration is firm and definitive, and shall be automatically recorded. The automatic recording of the donation – collaboration carried out is valid as proof in terms of its nature, content, and date. All donation – collaboration confirmations include the irrevocable acceptance of each and every one of these CDON, General Conditions of the Web Site – Legal Notice, as well as the specific Conditions that, where applicable, govern this Web Site.

7. Donation – collaboration confirmation

Once the donation – collaboration is carried out, and in the shortest possible time period, Colegio Mayor Olabidea shall send an Email to the donor with the acceptance confirmation for the donation – collaboration carried out to the Email address entered into the form.

Furthermore, the Colegio Mayor Olabidea reserves the right to deny confirmation of any donation – collaboration from a donor with which there is some type of open lawsuit, whatever the case may be.

The donor may request proof of the donation – collaboration through the Web Site, and the Colegio Mayor Olabidea shall send it, by default, to the Email account indicated by the donor when filling out the form.

8. Proof

The acceptance of the donation – collaboration by the Colegio Mayor Olabidea, as well as the information relevant to any transaction carried out, shall be stored and archived by the Colegio Mayor Olabidea and shall serve as proof in the case of a lawsuit with the donor. In the case of a lawsuit between the parties, they shall serve as proof and shall be kept by the Colegio Mayor Olabidea for the legally established time frame.

9. Geographic Coverage

The geographic coverage of the donation delivery is not limited to any territory. Donations – collaborations are accepted from any location.

10. Hours for making a donation – collaboration

The donor may make their donations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from any computer that has Internet access and meets the specified technical requirements.

11. Discontinuance


Colegio Mayor Olabidea makes all efforts, within its possibilities, to offer the information contained on the Web Site in an accurate manner and without typographical errors. If at any time an error of this type occurs, which is not the will of the Colegio Mayor Olabidea, it will immediately proceed to be corrected.

12. Donation – collaboration amounts

The donor may donate the sum it considers appropriate. The sum to be donated shall be indicated during the donation process.

13.  Donation – collaboration receipt methods

If paid through a Secure Payment Gateway (TPV-PayPal), the sum selected by the donor shall be charged immediately. If payment is made through bank transfer, it shall be the donor’s responsibility to complete payment through this method.

14. Information and Questions

For any question, doubt, or additional information needed, please contact us through the following communication channels:

Telephone / Fax: +34 948 177 606.

Email: and

Visit the offices located at Calle Universidad s/n, Campus Universitario (Universidad de Navarra) 31007 Pamplona (Navarra)